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“Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl (The Choice Was Hers!)” is a book with a purpose, namely to inspire readers to overcome whatever challenges they may face. . . It’s an unusual book. . . this book is meant to serve as a blinking arrow penetrating the darkness to point you toward the light that lies at the end of your own personal tunnel, and I think it succeeds very well in doing just that.
- Daniel Jolley, one of’s Top 50 Reviewers
This short but potent tale is indeed the story of a young girl, Anastasia’s, metamorphosis out of the smothering and woundedness caused by cruelty and abuse. . . Perhaps this unique story will touch many lives . . . Perhaps this story will bring one person into a life of more fun and less pain!
- Review by Viviane Crystal, Member of Reviewers International Organization
“I appreciated the simplicity of this very complex story. . . I read the book 3 times within a 24 hour period and each time I was forced outside my comfort zone and caused to remember and experience again my own journey to self-actualization. . . Thank you for sharing this story with me.”
- Tom Jones, Customer who also put his review on Amazon
“Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl” is about hope and overcoming obstacles that you will read and re-read, and will be a classic treasured by generations to come.
- Florence Starr, Customer, Founder of The Home For the Aged in Fernie, BC
“This book helped open my eyes to what children go through when dealing with life’s hardships.  It helped me to realize that you can’t judge a book by its cover.  That the struggle for acceptance, love, acknowledgement or to be recognized can consume & overwhelm a child . . . it shows that despite adversity, you can turn your life around and soar to any height you dream possible.  Thank you for sharing with me Anita.”
- Kimberly Cheryl – Author:  Shattered Reality.  Also put her review on Amazon
‘Who am I?’ is a question that many people of many ages ask – it is the first question of the story.  Anastasia asked this of herself over and over; of course, life is properly a process of discovery, and this can take place at different times and in different ways for each individual. . . However, Anastasia does provide a vehicle for helping others to see certain elements in themselves – the power of self-identification, the power of outside symbols, the power of seeking help from others (both personal and professional) to navigate the tricky turns of life.
- FrKurt Messick, one of’s Top 50 Reviewers
. . . I couldn’t put the book down until I completely finished it on the back cover.  It is so down to earth, so well versed I could feel times that I was “Anastasia.”  Reading the words, but the brain saying “you’ve been there” too.
- Emily Schuessler, Customer, Ontario
"Anita's book is a must read for Maslow fans that realize the only way to 'peak experiences' is getting your life in order, no matter what personal history you have to accept."
- Edward McCann, Author of Rare Books in California
“Anita Wladichuk is living proof that dreams can come true. . . The story does touch on some adult themes such as abuse and adversity, but Wladichuk’s focus is on hope and overcoming those obstacles. . . Wladichuk says that she writes in metaphors which forces readers to “read outside the box”. . . It’s like opening Pandora’s Box where the reader is faced with two contrasting realities simultaneously. . . One is a mysterious underlying theme, unspoken of throughout the book, called ‘hope’. . . The other is the darkness of adversity that fate tests on Anastasia, an innocent young girl.”
- The Record, New Westminster’s Hometown Newspaper, Wednesday, February 22, 2006
This is a moving story about one girl’s journey to find feelings of self-esteem and self-worth.
- Jill Zimmerman Rutledge, LCSW,  Author:  Dealing With The Stuff That Makes Life Tough:  The Ten Things That Stress Girls Out and How to Cope With Them