What happened to this family (continued . . .)?

My sister and I found refuge from the turmoil of our disorderly household when we went to school, church, or by wandering the hillsides, seeking out wildflowers and plants, wading through creeks or swimming in the smaller lakes. We lived in the great wilderness of Northern Saskatchewan. We loved to be out in nature; it was so beautiful, calm, and peaceful. We enjoyed picking wild berries and tasting the jam that our stepmother made. We were surrounded by the richness of nature. We enjoyed fishing for fresh trout, pike, and pickerel on Lake Athabasca. The fish our stepmother or Dad cooked was delicious and different, including fresh baked or smoked lake trout, pike and pickerel. We also had the opportunity to hunt for wild rabbit and Ptarmigan. We received venison from the natives of Uranium City because hunting venison was restricted to the natives only.

Several years later, my sister and I returned to Kirkland Lake, Ontario, our birth place. While in Kirkland Lake, our stepmother sent my sister and I off to visit my godmother and our biological Mom. This reunion with our Mom turned into more than a short visit because our Mom, with the support of a male friend, grabbed us and drove us to Brampton, Ontario. Our Dad endeavoured to get us back but was not successful and we never spoke to or saw him again. Life with our Mom was different. Our third oldest brother was forced to leave, and he became homeless at the age of 17. Our two oldest sisters stayed in foster homes until they were able to leave. Our second oldest sister completed high school at the age of 16 and went into the workforce. Later, she married and started her own family. Our oldest sister tried living with us but she was also told to move out. Our new home now consisted of our second oldest brother, my youngest sister, myself, our Mom, and her friend.

To be continued . . .

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  • It’s amazing how our coping mechanism kicks in, funny enough I was only writing the other day about the beauty around myself.
    Also, how I used social media in a way to stop the questions.
    Anita you are one of the strongest woman I know.


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