What happened to this family (continued . . .)?


My brother, sister, and I were trapped in a hopeless environment with no escape from the abuse and violence forced upon us. We had no one to turn to for help in northern Saskatchewan. Our oldest brother was killed in a work-related accident and we were unable to attend his funeral because we were abducted and living in another province. Living in this household was like treading on eggshells; we never knew when our father would strike in anger except when he went out drinking instead of coming home after work. We lived in fear for what was in-store for all of us. Our stepmother took the brunt of many, severe beatings when our father came home drunk. The ambulance or the police were at our house several times to take our stepmother to the hospital or our father to jail to sober up for the evening before releasing him the next day. Images of being left alone with this drunken man when our stepmother was in the hospital remained haunting me for years afterward. Images of witnessing our father beat our stepmother were disturbing. I remember our stepmother shielding herself with my sister and I against our Dad to prevent him from striking her which was most frightful.

One evening while our Stepmother was in the hospital and our Dad was getting drunk with a friend in the living room, we were faced with a terrifying nightmare as my brother and sister could only listen to my loud, painful cries and screams while my Dad sexually violated me. My siblings were helpless. They didn’t know what to do. They were too young and unable to protect me from a strong, intoxicated man like our father. Our neighbour living above us in the same household did not even run down to our rescue and provide aid to support us. No one came to help us. Shortly after this incident, and because of all the violence, my brother ran away.

 To be continued . . .


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