What happened to this family (continued . . .)?

First, my biological father left my Mom with seven (7) young, energetic children to take care of. Can you imagine a single mom trying to manage seven children alone?

Second, the government intervened and let the entire family down. Children’s Aid Society stepped in and alienated all the children, placing the girls in foster homes, the boys in boarding schools until they turned 19 years old. My younger sister and I were fortunate enough to be taken together, and we had the opportunity to grow up with each other. 

We were placed in two foster homes, the second one to keep us safe by placing us in the care of a foster home where our parents couldn’t find us. The system let us down once again by allowing our father visitation rights. This resulted in him abducting us and taking us to northern Saskatchewan, Uranium City. Although I have some fond memories of Uranium City, which I write about in my book under the section, “About the Author”, the government was responsible for putting my sister and me in a most dangerous environment unsuitable for any child. My biological father was a very violent man and an abusive alcoholic. At some point, he also succeeded in bringing our third oldest brother into this toxic situation.

To be continued . . .


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  • I read your book cover to cover in one sitting. Very helpful to know of shared experiences.

  • Thank you for the signed copy of your book. It is an easy read. The writer depicts the character very well. I think “Anastasia” is an incredible person. The writer do not give away too much of what Anastasia had to endure, but yet if you let your imagination go it is easy to understand what she had to endure. For any person to endure so much trauma and rise above it all and become successful is incredible.

    There is SO much go in on in the world and very few people realize how deep child abuse and child sex trafficking goes.

    I enjoyed the book a lot however I would have liked to read a bit more about her normal day to day life, without having to go into gory detail.

    Good read overall.

    Nicky Swart

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