What happened to this family (continued . . .)?

Our Mom was not perfect, but she was one of the strongest women anyone would have ever met. She had a very tough life herself, and she learned exceptional survival skills beginning at a very young age. Our Mom’s parents, my grandparents, died in a refugee camp when she was only seven (7) years old and her sister was five (5). After the death of their parents, our mother and aunt endured living in an orphanage before WW2.

Mom was only 16 years old at the beginning of WW2, living through it until the age of 22 when the war finally ended. She married our father at around 26 years of age. A year later, they had our oldest brother who was born in Germany. Our Mother and my brother survived life in another refugee camp before immigrating to Canada. (The whereabouts of my father during that time are unknown, and my mother did not discuss it.) They settled and lived in a gold-mining town, Kirkland Lake, Ontario where she reconnected with my father. Here, our Mom had six additional children.

My father was a miner, an abusive alcoholic, and a pedophile. Our Mom had to further survive the abusiveness of her husband and his abandoning her. He left her as a single, stay-at-home Mom with seven children to care for. Yet, her worries were not over as she had to face and survive six of her children being taken from her and put into foster care. Additionally, she was most distressed when she discovered that her husband had abducted her two youngest daughters and taken them into Saskatchewan where she felt helpless to get them back and feared not knowing if she would see her girls again. Shortly after this, she was faced with the loss of her oldest son in a work-related accident. One of our Mom’s many strengths throughout such traumatic times is that she never gave up.

To be continued . . .

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