Too often siblings are separated from having relationships with their biological brothers and sisters because of adoption, divorce, or foster care, etc. until adulthood. Sometimes the separation is forever.

The picture below was taken in 1969 representing a short-term reunification of my brothers and sisters after a five (5) year separation from each other. My oldest brother is not in this picture because he was killed in a work-related accident.

The result of the traumatic separation followed by the reunion of us children was chaos and drama for over 50 years and continues to last until this day. As the years went by, the pandemonium became more intense and the already, pre-conditioned weak bond existing between us was severed forever. Painfully, doors closed for decades between some of the sisters and they also had their children turn their backs on me.

Oprah says that the question is, “What happened to you?” Not, “What is wrong with you?”

What happened to this once large, lovely family with seven (7) innocent yet intimate siblings playing freely and happily together in their early years?

To be continued . . .


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