A Book In The Making - Part 5

What Happened To "Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl (The Choice Was Hers!)?”

Eleven months after a successful launch of my book, I suffered a traumatic brain injury in a freak accident. This included multiple injuries from the head down.  Healing from such injuries took years, hampering my ability because of such devastation caused.

An injury such as this impacted every aspect of my life including my health, family, work, friends, and my book.

My health was affected physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Some of my siblings and other family members closed the doors behind me.  The circumstances of my life were not my fault.  I want them to know that I have loved them very much, and they have meant the world to me.

As a result of my injuries, I was also subjected to physical and mental discrimination resulting in the loss of work and financial hardship.

Well, I am a survivor of physical, mental, and sexual abuse.  I was also subjected to witnessing domestic violence as a young child.  And, I crawled back up from the darkest moments of a traumatic brain injury.  I continued Anastasia’s attitude against all odds.

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