My Mom never did see the completion of my story.  She was dying of cancer and passed away in the latter part of the year.  I continued my writing during this tough time while my Mom was slowly and painfully slipping away from me. 

My passion to write my story continued through the use of metaphors and similes.  I realized that this style was not really new to me but somewhere along my journey of life, this particular style had been blocked.  Whether my Mom would have liked and approved what I wrote will never be known.

Once I exhausted all my writing ideas in this ongoing creation, the next step was to go through what I had written and begin the task of organizing it.  I developed an introduction and slowly worked in a progressive manner, with slight hints of ongoing conflicts in the life of Anastasia, until the reader arrives at the climax of the story … and we witness the character's continuous struggle with the battle to survive years of abuse.

The next stage involved illustrations to suit the descriptive narrative.  Once these two major parts were completed, draft manuscripts were sent out to some of the top 50 Amazon reviewers.  A draft sent to Crystal Reviews, and an endorsement was received from a well-known author, Jill Zimmerman Rutledge, LCSW in the United States, which is proudly presented at the back of the book.  The reviews were so good that the decision to self-publish and print my story became a reality.

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