The question I repeatedly asked myself in trying to develop my story was ... how to write on such an adult topic as abuse that could be presented differently from the way that these types of books are usually written.


I discovered that the traditional style of writing was my stumbling block because I write uncharacteristically in comparison to many other writers.  Therefore, I decided that, similar to the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” I realized that metaphors paint a thousand pictures; therefore, according to the Japanese/Chinese proverb, “One picture is worth ten thousand words. That is what the book “Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl (The Choice Was Hers!)” does: it paints thousands of pictures that have been created through my creative words.


I wrote this story with a fictional flair yet it is a true story, it is my story.  Each line and every paragraph you read is filled with rich metaphors creating rich images that are long-lasting because that is what images ensure.


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~ Anita 

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  • I think its an amazing way of covering such an horrific situation.

    I’m absolutely behind you all the way but unfortunately I can’t read anything sad at the moment as I am still involved in Domestic violence indirectly as our family was failed by the legal system xxx

    Debbie Tomkinson

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