Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl

(The Choice Was Hers!)

"Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl" is a story about a genuine journey of a young girl moving from the darkness to the light. I am a survivor!

Anastasia came to a decision-making fork in the road. To take the path to the left meant that she would remain in the
gloomy past and continue an endless journey of doom. To choose the right path meant making an all important choice of
letting go of the past to move forward with purpose and conviction to a brighter and more eventful future. The choice was hers! 

"Anastasia and the Ghostly Owl (The Choice Was Hers!)" is also available at Kindle and the Apple Book Store!

©Anita E. Wladichuk

4 out of 5 Star Rating!

“Anastasia and The Ghostly Owl (The Choice Was Hers!)” is a book with a purpose, namely to inspire readers to overcome whatever challenges they may face. . . It’s an unusual book. . . this book is meant to serve as a blinking arrow penetrating the darkness to point you toward the light that lies at the end of your own personal tunnel, and I think it succeeds very well in doing just that.
- Daniel Jolley, one of’s Top 50 Reviewers

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